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A volunteer is a person that has a spirit of service, creativity, strong moral values, the ability to work in a team, and a social conscience. They practice solidarity, leadership, good interpersonal relationships, discipline, communication skills, and care for themselves and for others.

Volunteers do work for two reasons:

  • For reasons that are ideological, ethical, and moral; that give them a sense of the needs and problems of other. They want to do something that will better society, change situations, and transform the world.
  • For personal reasons: to feel useful, to know and live new experiences, to develop as a person, to build relationships, and to work with others.

A volunteer has many motivations:

  • To be and feel useful
  • For the satisfaction to do good and to do it well
  • For fun and to break routine
  • To learn, in the biggest sense of the word
  • To give back to the society and humanity for which we have been given
  • To meet people with interests like yours
  • For the knowledge that you served as a volunteer
  • To be able to help and share some knowledge or a talent


Thank you N.A.W.A. Volunteers for your time and hard work.


As a volunteer organization, the National Association of Women Artists, Inc. encourages members to volunteer for at least 6 hours each year.

If you reside in the tri-state area you can volunteer by joining and working within one of the committees, or you can help out with office work. If you live outside the tri-state area you can, recommend artists for membership, contact museums/galleries for future N.A.W.A. exhibitions, write an article for our membership, host a salon, do grant writing/research, etc.

Our Volunteer year runs from April – April, and we celebrate our volunteers, and thank them by having a FREE exhibition each year in July.

In order to become an exhibitor in the FREE Volunteer Exhibition, you will have to:

  • Volunteer for 15 hours during the April – April time frame. Volunteers doing the most work are the first in line for this free exhibition opportunity. (For attending committee meetings you will be credited 2 hours per meeting).
  • If you live within the tri-state area you can sign the volunteer book that tracks the volunteer time for each member.
  • If you live outside of the tri-state area, it is hard to track your volunteer time. If you do more than 15 hours please send an email to the office with the project you worked on along with proof of volunteering.
  • If you attend “guest” artist receptions in the N.A.W.A. Gallery, you will be credited 3 volunteer hours if you hostess the event (help set up reception, hand out membership applications, mingle with the guests, tend the bar, help clean up). You will be credited 2 volunteer hours for just attending a “guest” artist reception.

If you are invited to exhibit in the free “Thank You for Your Service” Exhibition:

  • You will be notified in May of each year and sent a prospectus for the exhibition.
  • There will be no fee for this exhibition.
  • All shipping expenses will have to be paid for by artist member.
  • The exhibition will run for the month of July with a free reception during that month. There will be free advertising and promotion and a “People’s Choice” award given out at the end of the show. People who attend the reception, and fellow artist exhibitors and N.A.W.A. members will judge the artwork.

**By offering this FREE Exhibition, N.A.W.A. wants to encourage more members to volunteer their time and talents.