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The Board and Officers of NAWA are voted in every year by the membership.


President | JILL CLIFFER BARATTA | resume [pdf]
Vice President | SONIA STARK | resume [pdf]
Secretary | MARK ALTSCHUL, ESQ. | resume [pdf]
Treasurer | CAROL BRODY | resume [pdf]


Nom/Gov Chair, | JOAN L. LEWIS | resume (pdf)
Advisory | PENNY DELL | resume (pdf)
Advisory | ERIC GONON | resume (pdf)
Advertising/Promotion | CORNELIA SECKEL | resume (pdf)
Advisory| SONIA STARK | resume (pdf)
Advertising/Promotion | ROMA TORRE | resume (pdf)
Curatorial | JEFFREY WECHSLER | resume (pdf)

Executive Director | SUSAN G. HAMMOND | resume (pdf)


NAWA Gallery Coordinator | SUSAN PHILLIPS
Public Relations Co-Coordinator | SANDRA BERTRAND
Public Relations Co-Coordinator | CAROL NIPOMNICH DIXON
Library Exhibitions | ANITA PEARL
Online Exhibition Coordinator | DOREEN VALENZA


Adminstrative Coordinator | JUDITH HANSON
Administrative Specialist | NANCY VICTOR


Pat Adams
Judy Brodsky
Judy Chicago
Ann Chwatsky
Miriam Russo Enders
Gail Levin
Dr. Ferris Olin
Judy Pfaff
Faith Ringgold
Dorothy Rockburne
Cornelia Seckel
Rhoda Sherbell
Kay Walkingstick

Anita Ashley
Julia Henshaw Dewey
Emily Maria Scott
Adeline Albright Wigand
Caroline Coventry Haynes
Ruth Payne Burgess, 1905-1910
Shirley Williams, 1910-1911
Elizabeth S. Nichols Watrous, 1911-1913
Maud Mason, 1913-1917
Jeanine Gallup Mottet, 1917-1919
Christina Morton, 1919-1920
Edith M. Magonigle, 1920-1922
Emily Nichols Hatch, 1923-1926
Mabel Conkling, 1926-1928
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 1928-1930
Berta N. Briggs, 1930-1932
Josephine Vermilye, 1932-1933
Alexandrina Robertson Harris, 1933-1935
Jessie A. Stagg, 1935-1939
Bianca Todd, 1939-1942
Georgiana Brown Harbeson, 1942-1944
Beth Creevey Hamm, 1944-1946
Sonia Stark, 2013 –
Isabella Banks, 1946
Markell Grace Treadwell, 1946-1949
Ruth Yates, 1949-1951
Nell Choate Jones, 1951-1955
Elizabeth Pratt, 1955-1957
Shirley Kessler, 1967-1970
Rose Hart Betensky, 1970-1972
Virginia P. Gunkel, 1957-1959
Charlotte Whinston, 1959-1961
Greta Matson, 1961-1965
S. Magnet Knapp, 1965-1967
Helen Gerardia, 1972-1974
Esther K. Kayner, 1974-1976
Elizabeth Horman, 1976-1979
Mabel H. Morand, 1979-1981
Catchi, 1981-1985
Ann Pellaton, 1985-1987
Liana Moonie, 1987-1989
Nessa Grainger, 1989-1991
Bernice Faegenburg, 1991-1993
Helen Burdon Price, 1993-1995
Virginia Stukey, 1995-1997
Janet Indick, 1997-1999
Madeleine Segall-Marx, 1999-2002
Emily Mehling, 2002-2004
Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski, 2004-2005
Penny Dell, 2005-2007
Judith Cantor, 2007-2008
Susan G. Hammond, 2008-2010
Doreen Valenza, 2012-2013
Sonia Stark, 2013-2014
Marie Hines Cowan, 2014-2015
Mary Alice Orito, 2015 –


is an attorney with offices in New York. He has served as a Corporate Counsel, Board Member and Corporate Secretary for several years. He is NAWA’s legal advisor.

JILL CLIFFER BARATTA works as an art instructor for children and adults. She has worked as a graphic artist and designer and has extensive fine art training as a watercolorist and printmaker. In addition, she has masters’ level training in creative art therapy including experience working with autistic children and in-patient pediatrics. She is currently Chairing NAWA’s Exhibition Committee.

PENNY DELL, served as President, 2005-07 and chaired the Nominating Governance Committee 2008-12. For NAWA and other non-profits, she has led the planning and implementation of themed exhibits, traveling exhibitions, panels and special events.

ERIC GONON, Senior Vice President of Digital Media for Auctionata, an online auction house and eCommerce company specializing in fine art, antiques and collectibles. He previously headed Digital Media for Louise Blouin Media, which includes BlouinARTINFO.com, Art+Auction and Modern Painters magazines and for decades was an Executive Producer for CNBC and CNN.

JOAN LEWIS is a retired attorney and is now a practicing and exhibiting collage and mixed media artist. She joined the Board in 2015 and serves as an Advisor and assistant with the membership and Nominating/Governance committee.

MARY ALICE ORITO serves as the NAWA President and Chair of the Awards Committee. She has also served as the Vice-President. Her artwork includes sculpture, painting and collage. She was a clothing designer for the garment and entertainment industry, a manager for a Beth Israel Medical Center out patient program and is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with a private psychotherapy practice.

ROMA TORRE is an award-winning journalist with 30 years of professional experience reporting and anchoring news stories from politics to the arts. She is the daytime anchor at NY1 News and the station’s chief drama critic. She serves on the Board as a Promotional and Advertising Advisor.

CORNEIA SECKEL is Publisher of Art Times, the notable periodical est.in 1984 that has been distributed widely in the Northeast and as of August 2016 will be exclusively online with the latest happenings in the art world including essays, videos, blogs, calendars and more. She serves as an advisor to the Public Relations and Advertising Committee.

SONIA STARK is a painter, sculptor, designer, who owned her own design firm – a full creative service organization. She is a past President of NAWA as well as the past Chair of Membership. She led the redesign of membership materials and our annual NAWA Catalog.

JEFFREY WECHSLER, crucial in establishing the NAWA Collection at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, organized “A Parallel Presence”, an exhibition at the UBS Gallery in Manhattan and Rutgers, which celebrated NAWA’s 120th Anniversary. He also curated the historic 125th Anniversary Exhibition at the Morris Museum in New Jersey, and is working toward a potential 130th Anniversary Exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.

NAWA past presidents: Sonia Stark, Doreen Valenza, Liana Moonie, and Penny Dell

NAWA past presidents: Sonia Stark, Doreen Valenza, Liana Moonie, and Penny Dell


MARIE HINES COWAN, President of NAWA from 2014-2015

JANET INDICK, President of NAWA from 1997-1999

NESSA GRAINER, President of NAWA from 1989-1991

LIANA MOONIE, President of NAWA from 1987 – 1989

ANN PELLATON, President of NAWA from 1985-1987

CATCHI CHILDS, President of NAWA from 1981-1985