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Nessa GraingerQ. How long have you been a member of NAWA?
A. I became a member of N.A.W.A. in 1976. Esther Gayner just became president.

Q. Why did you originally choose to apply to NAWA?
A. Someone suggested I apply for membership. I did and became a member. In those days the jurors decided on the members and chose a painting from for the annual from the paintings submitted for membership. My painting received 1st prize for a watercolor.

Q. What about the history of NAWA is especially significant for you?
A. NAWA has changed, constantly growing bigger and better every year.

Q.When were you president?
A. I was the President, 1989-1991 but I was an active board member before and after. I loved the spirit of the remarkable women on the board and continued working on the board for many years after my presidency.

Q. What did it mean to you to be the president of NAWA?
A. It was a great honor to be President of NAWA Being President helped me to guide other women artists.

Q. How would you describe your vision for NAWA (past or current)?
A. My vision is and always was to help other women artists. NAWA has grown beyond all of our expectations and my hope is that it will continue to grow for many hundreds of years.

Q. How important is the growth of NAWA and/or how would you envision its growth?
A. The growth of NAWA has made all art lovers, artists and non-artists aware of that Art is Art! It doesn’t matter who created it, male or female.

Q. What were your goals as president? Can you talk about how you accomplished these goals, or if you didn’t, what kinds of obstacles did you face?
A. My goal as President was to have as many members as possible involved. We had many volunteers unpacking, hanging, packing, and sitting. I loved meeting all these wonderful artists’ volunteers. We had about 400 members.

Q. How did the era during your presidency influence the women artists of NAWA at the time? How do you see NAWA’s relevance in the 2010’s? in the 21st century? How would you compare this to your presidential era?
A. Many women artists wanted membership into this strong growing organization.

Q. Do you have any advice for the current or future presidents?
A. Keep involved and friendly. You will have many friendships forever.

Q. What would an art investor care about in buying a NAWA artist’s work?
A. An art investor will care about only buying good art.

Q. How can NAWA help raise an artist’s profile in a competitive market?
A. Make sure that the artwork is very good.

Q. How has NAWA contributed to your growth as an artist? As a person?
A. NAWA has contributed to my growth as an artist by teaching me how important it is to make my work better and better. To be on top! I also learned to be understanding.

Q. Has your work changed since you became a member of NAWA?
A. My work has changed tremendously. I was a watercolorist and purist working only on watercolor paper.

Q. How would you describe your work/process?
A. Today I use mixed water-media, that is watercolor, acrylics on paper or canvas and I do a lot of layering. I love experimenting.

Q. Where would you say you want your work to go next?
A. I’d love to have my work hanging in a major museum.

Q. How do you manage to find time to do your artwork with other responsibilities? Do you think this is harder for women than men, and if so, how?
A. It is very difficult to find time to do work. Even though I am widowed I still have many responsibilities but I do manage to find time to do some work, even it is just one half hour.